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At the age of 39 I never imagined I would find myself studying balloon artistry. I was bored and came across my first balloon twisting videos on Youtube and I was instantly hooked. I already wanted to learn something new and the idea of turning simple balloons into anything you can imagine just resonated with me.

At the time, I was making chainmail jewelry, but I seemed to hit a creative wall with that. I really wanted something that could bring joy to just about anyone and I wanted something with limitless creative potential. Balloon art not only seemed a perfect fit, but I was instantly inspired to begin working on my own designs.

I spent the next two years studying, practicing and most importantly playing with balloons, but I had no idea how this could ever be anything more than a hobby. Then, one day, while I was selling my jewelry at a renaissance fair, Santa came into my life. An elderly man with white hair and beard and a red shirt and caky pants walked up to my booth.

He began looking at my work, pointing at some twisted bracelets he said, “You twist these… I twist these.” As he said this, he pulled a balloon out of his pocket, inflated it and twisted a teddy bear for me. My son, who was sitting next to me, quickly exclaimed, “My mom does that too!” Then we began talking. He told me “I am over 80 years old and don’t mentor people anymore, but I feel the need to mentor you.”

I was thrilled that this man might help me figure out how to turn this hobby into something more. I had no idea, at that time that it would lead to such a wonderful life of interacting with adults, children, people with special needs, and the elderly. I get to create things that bring joy and create memories and special moments.

Now, it is ten years later, and I have been doing balloon art professionally since. I never imagined that balloons, and the community around balloons would become such an important part of my life. I have won many awards and competed in four different countries. I have been to other states. I have joined in the battle to prevent the banning of balloons in many communities. I have written articles that have been published around the world. I have always had a love for education and helping to educate others about balloons is a priority for me.

The journey has not ended for me though. I live by the mantra “Practice Practice Practice.” There is always more to learn. Ways to hone my skill and inspiration to create something new. I will always keep learning and trying, because nothing is impossible. I will also help to be that resource for anyone that wants to learn how to turn silly little pieces of latex into pure happiness in others.

Making Memories That Last A Lifetime

Diana is amazing!! Give her your theme and your budget and she will create something amazing for you!!
-Mindy Moore Eldredge
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